Lesson 1: Waist hooping is all about a good toss and finding your rhythm! Experiment with moving your waist in a side-to-side motion, or a back and forth motion. Also try placing one foot slightly in front of the other. Now try spinning the hoop in opposite/second current.

Remember when you first start waist hooping your movements will be more exaggerated than an experienced hooper! If you are having a lot of trouble, consider trying a bigger hoop.

Lesson 2: Get comfortable moving your feet and hands while keeping that hoop up on your waist.  Start with pivoting your feet in each direction; once you get comfortable branch out and find your own footwork. Keep those hands flowing and out of the dreaded T-REX arms

Put on some music and start to rock out.

Lesson 3: Add some flare to your waist hooping by switching the direction of the hoop. Remember to keep those knees bent and move with the hoop as your grab it and send it the other way.

Practice waist hooping in second current or do a quick break and reversal right back to first current.

Lesson 4: Switch up your dancing by bringing the hoop off your waist and around your body. Get out of the hoop by using a “skipping rope” technique.

Once your hoop is off the body you can pass it around at different speeds and levels. Remember the hand position for the front: palms down, thumb-to-thumb; and the back: palms down, pinkie-to-pinkie.

Lesson 5: Here we learn the “door hinge” and how to step over the hoop. Now, can you add everything we’ve learned in the last five videos together? Remember hooping takes practice – the best hooper is the one having the most fun.